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First impressions are lasting and the exterior of your vehicle is not different. You always want to make a great impression by having a clean vehicle. At K&I Contractors, we offer anything from a standard detail to steam cleaning and extractions. Our state-of-the-art equipment can do anything from shampooing, stain removal, steam cleaning and more.

The importance of keeping your vehicle clean and sanitized is our first priority while facing the dilemmas of the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, our employees have taken the necessary steps to ensure that we are working safely and accordingly to the CDC guidelines. As we continue to work diligently and effectively, we would like to provide you with other measures on how to keep your car safe and clean. 


How often should you wash your car?

  • Once per week - why? Get all of the weekly dirt and debris off your car.

  • Spring - pollen takes a toll on your paint and can cause buildup on your vents that will blow dust and pollen into your car that will lead to allergens making their way in your vehicle.

  •  Summer - to keep your car clean from rain, debris and dust that can ruin your paint. 

  • Fall - leaves oxidize paint and can leave an outline on your vehicle that is hard to remove.

  • Winter - you have salts that will get on the metals of your car and will cause rusting.

Bacteria Disinfectant Cleaning

Cleanliness and eliminating bacteria are at the top of everyone's mind with the current COVID-19 situation, which means there's no better time to get your vehicle steam cleaned!  Steam cleaning helps sanitize your vehicles interior, along with our special Bio-Enzymes to kill bacteria in upholstery and carpet.

Wheel Wells

Not cleaning your Wheel Wells will affect your tires if the dirt is caked up or muddy. It can also cause steering issues when driving your vehicle. Also, if your wheel wells are not clean, it will also give the appearance of being dark in color, white/sandy and more. The salt, sand and dirt can eat away at your wheel wells and the underbody of your car that could cause major damage in the future. 

Door Jambs

The doorjamb is the part of the car where the door attaches to the frame of the vehicle. It acts as a seal between the interior and exterior of the car, protecting it from dirt and dust. You may not realize it, but the door jambs of your vehicle play an important roll in remaining clean on your vehicle. Not cleaning your door jambs can cause dirt to get in the seals of your car paint and depreciate the value of your vehicle. The dirt, grease, and moisture found on door jambs create the perfect breeding ground for rust. And rust is one of a car’s deadliest enemies. Finally, door jambs camouflage areas that have excessive wear and other developing problems, and therefore it’s important they get the attention they need.


Over time, acrylic headlights will oxidize when exposed to UV light. A vehicle's headlight lenses come with a clear top coat to help prevent this, but eventually, the coating wears off, and sunlight turns the hard plastic yellow or it appears to look faded, which can make using them a challenge during the night or during inclement weather. At K&I Contractors, we can restore your headlights to refresh the look and appeal to your car and make it easier to see when driving.  


To keep the brake dust off your wheels, we recommend cleaning the rims of your vehicle weekly. This prevents your rims from rusting and caliber slipping due to the sludge and dirt build-up. 

Engine Bay Cleaning

Not only do we clean the interior and exterior of your vehicle, but we clean engine bay's as well. Although many may think that this area of your vehicle is supposed to remain under the hood, engines play a major role in and due to the engine components, it has the most dirt and build-up. While true, most people will not see under your hood, this service really shines when you are trying to sell your vehicle or simply trying to keep it looking new and in showroom condition. 

We Offer:

Ceramic Wax options that lasts from 1 month - 6 months

Steaming/Extraction - removes deep stains, crayon, blood, make-up, oils and more

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