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Give your home curb appeal


Is your home or business accumulating green algae, dirt, debris, and cobwebs?  

These are some of the most obvious reasons a homeowner or business calls our company for pressure washing; to make their homes or buildings look better. With Dirt and grime build-up on the exterior of buildings can lead to damage if left on long-term. Over time, mold and mildew can cause erosion to the surface. Whether it is vinyl, wood siding, concrete walls or other materials, it causes extensive damage and leads to expensive repairs. 

At K&I Contractors, we use a low pressure detergent based wash that is applied to your home or business that dwells for 5-7 minutes and we rinse away the grime. This is a very easy, safe alternative to pressure washing to clean and brighten the exterior of your home!


A power wash will clean the exterior of the gutter line, the soffits, the siding, window sills, to the base of your home or business.  This will get rid of unsightly bird droppings, green algae, cobwebs, spider droppings and brighten the exterior paint or refresh your brick.

Our Pressure Washing Process

  • Give us a call today to book a free on-site estimate

  • Our uniformed technicians will arrive on time to deliver great service to you

  • Your home and business exterior is covered with a special cleaning solution via soft washing. This lifts any buildup, kills algae and allows us to use less pressure overall to remove any organic material

  • Black streaks and green algae caused by mold or mildew can be removed. Our cleaners also contain a mildewcide to fight future growth of mildew

  • House washing is good for 2-3 years and will extend the life of your paint

  • Finally, we'll conduct a walk-around with you to make sure you are happy with the results

Why Should I Choose K&I Contractors

  • We stand behind our work

  • We use the most state of the art equipment available

  • We are happy to serve you

  • Our staff is trained, uniformed, friendly, and professional

  • We are huge community supporters

  • We aim to be the positive change in the world we want to see

  • We are in business to improve the lives of our customers, our employees, and our community

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