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Keep your fleet of vehicles crystal clean!

When it comes to fleet detailing services, it can be difficult to find the time, the manpower and the expertise to clean them regularly. Unfortunately, this causes for the vehicles to undergo a great deal of stress and can vastly reduce their overall value. In order to ensure we are able to help extend the life of your fleet and keep them in pristine condition, we have tailored our operations to better serve these types of vehicles. For example, we understand that many companies need their vehicles during normal business hours – which is why we installed a secured key drop box so that your employee can drop off the vehicle at the end of their work day for fleet detailing services. Our team will detail it overnight and have it back to you first thing in the morning ready for pickup. If the fleet vehicle can be serviced during the day, our logistics staff can pickup and deliver at no extra charge! We now also offer customized transparent reports so that your fleet manager and our customer service and accounting staff can all monitor which of your vehicles still require fleet detailing services, versus those that have already been taken care of. We are all ears when it comes to fitting your company’s maintenance budget, with the intention of saving you money in the long run by extending the life of your fleet.

Professional. Convenient. Expect nothing less when you request K&I Contractors to help you with your company fleet’s detailing needs

  • Provide A Clean and Professional Image

  • 24 Hour Turn-Around Time

  • Flexible Billing Available

  • Save money by extending the life of your fleet

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