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5 Reasons Why Your Vehicle Should Get a Spring Cleaning

Many challenges come to play when it comes to maintaining your vehicle during the changing of seasons. Not only do you have to care for the engine and transmission, but you have to care for the body of the car to keep it in pristine condition. At K&I Contractors we believe in preserving the value of your vehicle by doing an overhaul of deep cleaning and conditioning methods through our detailing services. Now that the Spring has arrived, here are 5 important reasons why your vehicle needs a Spring Cleaning.

Unclean Vehicles Can Lessen Your Value - Imagine someone trying to sell you a dirty vehicle. You would not think twice in turning down the offer, no matter how good the price is. Your vehicle should always be showroom ready in order to maintain the value. It makes for an easier resell and higher buy back when and if you are looking to purchase a new one.

Dirty Vehicles Can Host Bacteria - Keeping a count of how many people and things your vehicle encounters can be very tricky. From the grocers to a child's car seat, your vehicle comes in contact with different elements and people more than you realize. By not keeping your vehicle cleaned, bacteria can be swirling throughout your vehicle. It could be growing in some of the smallest crevices that are unseen by the natural eye. Being that these bacteria's are trapped and enclosed, this could lead to allergens, common colds, flu and other unknown viruses.

Higher Gas Mileage - Yes, this is a fact! By not keeping your vehicles clean, it decreases your fuel efficiency by 2 miles due to the lack of airflow. Uncleaned vehicles causes friction and lessens your miles per gallon (MPG). So emptying out your trunk and removing clutter from your vehicle can save you on your next fill-up.

Clutter Means Danger - Driving a car filled with clutter can be hazardous, not just for the you, but for passengers and other drivers. Though you may not expect it, having a dirty vehicle can put you and others at risk of danger. Losing visibility in your windows, mirrors, or windshield, can drastically reduce your reaction time in the event of an accident. Add in clutter blocking your sight—or the path from your foot to the pedals—and it’s a recipe for disaster. Plus, it could be very uncomfortable for passengers who may be shifting things around when you are on the road.

Car Confidence - A clean vehicle can boost your mood, reduce stress and have you feeling accomplished. Self-care is important and being in an environment that is filled with objects can add a layer to your emotional being.

Whether you’re thinking of saving money on gas or taking a mini-vacation, there are plenty of reasons to keep your vehicle clean. Not only should you try to remove clutter and vacuum your car, but you should schedule routine cleaning and detailing. After all, you’ll want the exterior of your vehicle to look just as good as the interior!

Ready to take the next step in keeping your car clean? Come visit us at 714 Montana Drive, Ste. J, Charlotte, NC 28216 or give us a call at 704-303-2794. Hope to see you soon!

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